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The Site

It has been some time (years!) since I actually did anything to this site. Web design is changing immensely. I designed my first site about 18 years ago when I did a (very basic) course on web design at a local school. I was hooked and at that stage it was html 4 and most websites were hand coded in html.

The Idea

The Lucy Lamb Crafts website evolved from there after I was encouraged to do a stall on the local farmers market. Can't say it was lucrative but I got to wash a lot of wool and sold a few kits and a few more hanging baskets, demonstrating that coloured wool I couldn't use in the kits for various reasons still had a use. In fact wool is a good slug deterrent I have found, it makes a very good mulch round shrubs to conserve water and the birds like it for nest building!

The Blog

I have launched my new blog! Not quite got the hang of regular posts....See new burbles! Occasional updates happen, but not as often as they should! (Ha,ha, last update was 2014!)

Funny how things take over and even a 5 minute witter on a website seems beyond me. Unlike my sister who has made over 300 posts on her blog over the last couple of years AND documented them all!! See www.feltabulous.blogspot.com

The Sheep (or lack of)

Lucy Lamb Crafts is really a hobby. See Lucy's page for more on my wool cushion and rug kits, made with pure wool.

I learned to hand spin wool, though I have not done much recently. It is very time consuming, but a great way to de-stress. It never ceases to amaze me the range of colour within just one fleece. Wool is marvellous stuff.

Working in the countryside with organic poultry I have a vested interest in keeping up to date with farming and countryside matters. After the Foot and Mouth fiasco, Avian Flu, Blue Tongue and now swine flu and TB, I have to admit to being dubious about the capabilities of authorities in coping with diseases. The warmwell website http://www.warmwell.com/ of Mary Critchley's has shown more balance and highlighted the shortcomings of the authorities with a clarity rarely seen elsewhere. This site is now archived.

The Web

I am just now updating this site so this page and the LLC page are now responsive. Don't get me going on google and its search algorithms, suffice to say if you can't view it properly on a mobile it will be down the list a long way.....byeee! I'm working on it - still hand coding though I have dabbled with wordpress and may look at others - costs can soon become a barrier.

I did some website developing for various parties, however it was so long ago that most of the sites have been and gone.Those below still remain!

My latest project is Escape Energy Advisors. A small energy advice consultancy, advising businesses on energy use, and negotiating flexible contracts amongst other things. I always enjoy a challenge and I am amazed how much I learn about a subject during a project. I do remember the saying, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" and leave the technical jargon blurb to those who know what they are talking about!

Another one - www.victoryvintagehire.co.uk if you are planning a vintage event, give this site a look. I can vouch for the stock they have. Whether it is a photo shoot, dinner or tea for two or a tea party for 500, they have china, table linen, props etc to sort you out provided you are within striking distance of the Ashbourne/Uttoxeter area.

Another website, my seventh I think, www.rutlandorganics.co.uk if you want a turkey that tastes of turkey, a goose or a cockerel for Christmas. I can recommend them - I get to do quite a lot of plucking in the run up to Christmas and - yes, we have turkey!

Finally, the disappearance of the Pugglelove website has resulted in a new website puggleuk.co.uk giving information on these crossbreed dogs and availability of Puggle puppies. I also developed this site.